The Head Setter for The Heist 2014...

We're psyched to announce that Flannery Shay-Nemirow will be joining us this year as the head setter for The Heist 2014!

Flann has been climbing for 10 years. In that time she’s done it all -- sport, bouldering, comps, even sketched up a traditional route or two.

Since she started, Flannery has had an interest in the back end of comps. One to avoid the spotlight, she gravitated towards setting and forerunning at an early age. She’s worked ABS nationals and IFSC world cups, locals and friendlies. Basically, if climbing and points are involved, Flann’s taken part.

We're really excited to get her involved in The Heist! Between her awesomeness and that of CRG's own Shane Messer, finals should be an amazing show!